Grenade Muscle Machine Mass - 12.6 lbs (Chocolate Milkshake)


Product code 100500001

Muscle MachineMASS is a premium high calorie mass gainer designed for
serious gains. Delivering approximately 1000 calories, 54g protein* and 160g
carbs* per 250g serving.

Ultimate weight gain formula in an instantised shake, delivering approx. 1,000 calories and 54g of protein* per serving. Designed as a post-workout formula, built on a compound 3:1 ratio of quality carbs to protein. Added coconut oil, glutamine peptides, Palatinose, waxy maize starch and MCT powder.

Features & details

1000 Calories

54g Protein and 157g Carbs (per serving. Protein and Carbohydrate content varies between flavours)

10g BCAAs and added glutamine peptides

Our Price 5600/-

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