Enhanced Athlete Mutant YK-11, 60 Capsules 5mg per Cap


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Enhanced Athlete YK-11 is a dietary supplement that is designed to promote anabolic workouts. It acts as a selective partial agonist of androgen receptors (ARM).

It promises to induce various physical benefits in your body through a series of different metabolic pathways.

The growth of the muscles is limited by the myostatin, which acts as a regulator of skeletal muscle mass. To pack your muscles, you need to have low levels of myostatin.

This product promises to inhibit the production of myostatin and stimulate the production of follistatin. Follistatin increases the growth and development of your muscles allowing you to have the body physique that you always desire. It aids in the synthesis of proteins.

This supplement is available on the brand’s website at the cost of $59.99 for a bottle containing 60 capsules.

Manufacturer Information And Claims About Enhanced Athlete YK-11
Enhanced Athlete YK-11
The manufacturer of Enhanced Athlete YK-11 is the Enhanced Athlete supplement and research chemical company. The company aims at producing quality, safe, effective, and affordable products for their customers. It aims at producing the most cutting-edge supplements.

The manufacturer claims that it does not lead to anabolic steroid side effects making it a better replacement of steroid hormones. It is highly effective in increasing your muscle size and strength.

Working Process And The Ingredients List
This product works by increasing your metabolic activities. It attaches itself to your body’s androgen receptors. This allows for the production of follistatin that stimulates faster growth of body tissues.

Follistatin inhibits the formation of myostatin, a compound that hinders the optimal production of muscle bires within your body. This allows for the faster growth of your muscle tissue. As a result, you will achieve the lean body physique that you always desire.

Enhanced Athlete YK-11 Review – Does It Really Work?
The manufacturer claims that this product delivers effective results in enhancing the growth and development of your muscles. However, the ingredients are not given, this makes it hard to evaluate its effectiveness. Ensure that you research more on the ingredients used before considering it in your routine.

The Advantages Of Enhanced Athlete YK-11
May Increases protein synthesis
It is said to be a better alternative to steroids
Increases your muscle size and strength
May increases your endurance level
The Disadvantages Of Enhanced Athlete YK-11
The website contains less information about this product.
The ingredients list is not provided
No mention of money back guarantee in case of any dissatisfactions
How Do I Use This Product?
The dosage levels are not given on the website. However, according to some of the customer’s feedback, 10 mg seems to be standard dosage for this product. It is important to research on this from the manufacturer’s site to avoid overdosing or underdosing.

What Are The Precautions When Using This Product?
There are no precautions given for using this product. However, it is important to use this product as instructed.

How Long Before I See Any Improvements?
The manufacturer does not indicate the duration this product takes to deliver noticeable results when using this product regularly.

Possible Side Effects
Enhanced Athlete YK-11 has no known side effects as at known. It is considered to be non-toxic. However, it is important to use it according to given instructions to avoid any occurrence of adverse side effects as a result of improper use.

Enhanced Athlete YK-11 – Final Verdict
Attaining a lean, fit body physique is an ultimate desire of every fitness enthusiasts. However, the process of achieving this can be strenuous especially when it comes to dieting and exercising.
Fortunately, numerous dietary supplements claim to help you achieve the lean body physique that you always desire in a safe and effective way.

Enhanced Athlete YK-11 supplement promises to help you to achieve the body physique that you always desire.

It claims to aid in the synthesis of proteins, boost your stamina and energy levels, aid in the development of lean muscle tissue and adds to your muscle mass and strength among other benefits.
To improve your muscle mass, strength, and size without water retention, you might want to consider Enhanced Athlete YK-11 in your routine.

However, it is necessary to research more on the effectiveness and safety of the ingredients used before purchasing it. This applies to any product you want to introduce in your body.

There are numerous products in the market that you might want to compare your product with. This will help you to identify whether it is the right supplement for you or not. If not you can opt for others promising to deliver similar benefits.

A good supplement should contain well-explained ingredients list that is clinically proven to deliver safe and effective results.


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Research Chemical, Banned by WADA, Pending FDA Approval

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