Weider Premium Whey Protein 5 lbs (Chocolate Nougat)



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Weider Premium Whey is exactly what it says it is! Based on WPC80 which is the highest grade of whey protein concentrate available, Premium Whey is also 20% whey isolate, the combination of which provides high amounts of protein per serving whilst keeping the carbohydrate content very low. 

On top of this, 2g of glutamine is present per serving to further boost it's power. And importantly for any product, the flavour is exceptional, making Premium Whey a nutritious pleasure to drink any time of day. 

Product Highlights: 120 Calories per serving 24g Protein 2g Carbs Aspartame Free Rich in Amino Acids Weider Premium Whey is absorbed quickly in the body making it particularly suitable to use immediately after a workout. The harder you train the more you will tear your muscle fibers, so add Weider Premium Whey to your nutrition plan and reach your training goals. 

Tried and Tested: The Weider brand is one of the most recognized brands in the industry. Since 1936, the Weider brand has been displayed both in the US and throughout the world with association in magazines, nutritional supplements, sporting events, equipment, and brand licensing. 

Weider has earned the trust of health-conscious people for one simple reason -- for well over half a century, we have put the quality and efficacy of our products above everything else.


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