Universal Nutrition Animal Stak


You'Re A Hard Worker And You Give It Everything You Got 24/7 But The Gains Are Hard To Come By. As A Classic Hard Gainer, 

You Train Big And You Eat Big, But You Have Little To Show For It. Animal M-Stak Is A Non-Steroidal Product Geared Specifically For You. Through Its Unique Set Of Properties, Most Notably "Nutrient-Partitioning", Animal M-Stak Helps You Maximize Your Lean Gains With Greater Efficiency And Effectiveness.Work Hard. Don't Gain Hard.

Features & details
Universal Nutrition Animal Stak, 21 Pack
Item: Species Nutrition Fiberlyze - Fruit Punch - 30 Servings
Vendor: Species Nutrition


Our Price 4100/-

Offer Price 3850/- 

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