Terms and Conditions


  • When you order for any product thru our website site. You must contact us on whatsapp no. 9818487839. We will tell you process of order.

  • If you are doing advance payment, you must take account detail from us and after deposit amount you must share proof of payment deposit (screen shot etc.)

Product Delivery

  • We will send the products thru courier if any loss / damage happened in the way, NCR Food Supplements will not be responsible for that.
  • Customer has to bear for this damage & loss etc.
  • We will give you a tentative delivery date, but that would not be final.
  • Final delivery date depends on courier service. You have to wait until product delivered to you.

Order Cancellation 

  • If you cancel your order after dispatch, following charges will be debited from your advance payment.
  • Courier Charges
  • RTO (Return to Origin) Charges
  • You have to bear Delivery Charges + RTO Chages.


  • If you have trust on NCR Food Supplements will never cheat or fraud with you. Then only you can deal with  NCR Food Supplements.

  • If you don't have trust, don't deal with us. 

             NCR Food Supplements Team


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