MUTANT Mass Weight Gainer, 5 lbs, 2.27 Kg

About the product

WEIGHT GAINER | Multi award-winning weight gainer protein powder sold in over 100 countries, delivers over 1,100 specially engineered calories per serving, with 52% less sugar than previous formulas.

Product Code 7802100001

36 GRAMS OF THE BEST WEIGHT GAINERS | Each MUTANT MASS includes 36 grams (1.3 oz) of BCAAs, EAAs, and 10.4 grams (0.035 oz) glutamine, glutamine precursors, and arginine, which helps you bulk up!

    56 GRAMS OF QUALITY PROTEIN | Featuring a whey, and casein blend to help give the most hardcore MUTANTS the bulk and size they want!

    BALANCED NUTRITION | This weight gainer is packed with 192 grams of clean carbohydrates (including whole-food complex carbs (barley starch, sweet potato, rolled oats)), waxy maize, MCT's, Colostrum, Cinnulin PF, and more high-quality ingredients to give you over 1,100 specially engineered calories per serving to help you gain bulk!

    NO HIDDEN INGREDIENTS | This MUTANT MASS has no hidden or undeclared ingredients! The ingredient list features everything in MUTANT MASS. Try this powder in one of our 6 addictive gourmet flavors!

Our Price  3900/-

Offer Price 2800/-

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