Ronnie Coleman Signature Series, King Whey 35g Protein

 About the product

    FULL TRANSPARENCY - Provides disclosed amounts of whey concentrate & isolate

    5 Gram Dose of Quick Acting Whey Isolated Combined With 20 Grams of Whey Concentrate
    Amazing Flavor

King Whey
Premium Whey Protein

King Whey is a premium all Whey protein powder with fully disclosed amounts of each source of whey protein. King Whey contains 20G of whey concentrate and 5G of whey isolate for a total of 25G of high quality protein per scoop.

With only 1.5G of fat and 4G of carbs King Whey is the go to choice for anyone looking to build or maintain lean muscle while achieving low levels of body fat! (Which is pretty much everyone, isn't it?)

King Whey also brings a very impressive flavor profile to go along with the ingredient panel. There's only 2G of sugar but you'll have a tough time believing that when you taste it for the first time! How you say? Well, going along with the transparency theme, our flavor system is straight up expensive! But, like the extra whey isolate that we added we didn't pass this cost along to you either.

The Coleman Guarantee Seal on the label is our way of letting you know that what you see on the label is Exactly what it is inside of the product. 

    25G Whey Protein
    20G Whey Concentrate
    5G Whey Isolate
    100% Transparent
    cGMP Certifications
    Manufactured in the U.S.A.

 Wholesale Price: 4150/- MOQ 3P 

 Retail Price 4500/- 

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