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The new Muscle Doctor Pre-Workout is a powerful blend of pre-workout and fat loss supplements which helps in doing intense workouts and burn fat simultaneously.

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With 2000mg of L-Citrulline, 2000mg of L-Arginine, 4000mg Beta alanine, 500mg Taurine, 500mg Tyrosine and 380mg Caffeine, it provides a great pump to aid vasodilation to transport more nutrients to the distressed muscle tissues.
Caffeine: A popular and proven source for energy.
Combination of Citrulline and Arginine gives the imense pump and increase the blood flow which gives great vascularity and makes you look different from everone in gym during workout.

Product description

The new Muscle Doctor Pre-Workout provides dual action to boost endurance and focus while high-intensity workouts along with aiding in fat loss. This pre-workout supplement contains a clinically studied blend of L-Arginine and L-Citrulline that gives a robust pump that makes the abundant amount of blood rush through the recovering muscles to transport more nutrients. The active ingredients including Taurine, tyrosine and caffeine gives you a sharp focus to stay put during the entire heavy-duty workout. This pre-workout supplement provides dual benefits to help you gain lean mass while losing excess fats gradually.

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