Muscle Science Pump Intensifier (NO-SHOX), 30 Servings


Muscle Science Pump Intensifier (NO-SHOX) is an advanced pre-workout energy complex, also designed to increase Nitric Oxide production and promote blood flow to the working muscles. Due to the addition of lactic acid buffers and an endurance complex makes it the perfect formula to get you pushing out those extra reps.

Product code 590750228

Maximize Nitric Oxide production.

Increase blood flow and pump in working muscles.

Optimize energy and power and increase muscular endurance.

Reduce lactic acid build up.

Powder Form

Net Weight: 195g

Total Servings: 30

0 Epic Pump

Doesn’t increase any Blood Flow

0 Optimize Energy

It maximizes Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide (NO) is a powerful performance-enhancing compound. It works by expanding (or vasodilating) the linings of blood vessels, effectively opening them up to carry higher blood volumes to and from working muscles. This means it will deliver more oxygen, metabolites, and fuel to increase energy, work output, and staying power. Therefore you will lift more weight with more intensity in each workout to force new growth.

Muscle Science Pump Intensifier NO-SHOX stimulates high NO levels for maximum blood flow while maintaining pH balance and lactic acid levels so you can increase workout intensity and push more reps in each set – the all-important “growth reps”.

Our Price 1650/-

Offer Price 1250/-

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