Proburst 100% Pure BCAA Powder - 250gm, 38 Servings

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What is Proburst BCAA powder ?

Proburst BCAA is a power-packed protein powder, formulated to keep you fit
and active. Amino acids are known as the building blocks of protein. A combination of three essential amino acids, namely Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, commonly known as “Branched Chain Amino Acids or BCAAs” along with L-Glutamine is present in Proburst BCAA powder.

Why consume Proburst BCAA powder ?

Proburst BCAA powder is not a conventional BCAA formula. It is loaded with 7g of BCAAs and 2.5g of L-Glutamine to keep you active all day long by providing a dose of essential amino acids. It improves the flow of blood in the vessels and maintains the body’s fluid levels. It is also rich in potent antioxidant herbs including Grape Seed (Vitis Vinifera) extract and Black Pepper (Piper Nigrum) extract that helps in improving absorption of nutrients in the body,at the same time,boosting the immunity.

What are the key ingredients of Proburst BCAA powder?

1. 7 g of BCAA - It improves the recovery within sets
2. 2.5 of Glutamine - It reduces the post-workout muscle soreness
3. 500gm of Taurine - It improves glucose tolerance and releases insulin
4. 1 g of Citrulline malate - It helps in enhancing pumps
5. Sodium chloride and potassium chloride - These electrolytes improve hydration

What are the benefits of Proburst BCAA powder?

1. Reduces physical and mental fatigue
2. Keeps you active and energized
3. Helps you reach the body's ideal requirement of essential amino acids
4. Maintains electrolyte balance in the body

How to consume Proburst BCAA powder?

Add 1 scoop (about 13.3g) of Proburst BCAA supreme pow

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