Muscle Science Xtreme Weight Gainer 1 kg

Product Description

-Each Serving (375g) Of MuscleScience Mass Gainer XXL 12 Lb Helps To Provide 1450 Calories And 60g Proteins

Product Code - 9805500259

-It Comes Packed With Essential Digestive Enzymes To Help You With Digestion Of The Powder & Enhances The Absorption Of Nutrients

-One Of The Best Gainer To Gain Weight Fast. With 1 Serving Of 375G A Day, Proper Diet & Workout, You Can Easily Gain Upwards Of 3kg.

Muscle science's xtreme mass gainer is one of the mass gainer.Our team tested it on the lots of gym goers and non gymers, results are amazing.Muscle science xtreme mass gainer has a very powerful muscles building and weight gaining formulation. muscle science xtreme weight gainer fulfill ur daily requirements of protein and carbs. 

It gives you the proper protien for ur muscles growth as well as repair muscles tissues.Added powerful digestive enzymes and fibers to fast digestion.Each serving of 50gms. Gives u of protien and carbohydrates which build ur muscles fast and gain ur weight and size very quickly.It is suitable for both men and women. xtreme weight gainer is the safe and effective way to gain ur muscles mass and weight.

Our Price 1200/-

Offer Price 1000/-

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