GNC Pro Performance Weight Gainer - 5Kg

Product Details

Pro Performance Weight Gainer 2200 Gold supplies that extra calories you need to put on the added kilograms you want.

When mixed with double toned milk, 3 heaped scoops provides 2200 calories, 73 grams of protein from an exclusive blend and 440 grams of carbohydrates.
It also supplies important ingredients like BCAA that every athletes want.
It is a vegetarian product and contains no banned substances.

High-quality protein in a wellness formula.
Designed to digest and release varied intervals throughout the day to ensure your muscles get the amino acids they need.
BCAA present in the product, helps reduce muscle breakdown during exercise.
Digestive Enzymes present in the product helps aid protein and carbohydrate breakdown, making this weight gaining product.

Who should Consume

Looking for Appropriate muscle gain.

For Weight Lifters.

For people looking for weight gain.

How to Consume

Mix 3 heaped scoops (485g) with 700 - 750 ml water, milk or any beverage of your choice and blend well.
Warning :

Diabetics/Hypoglycemics: Consult your Physician before using this product.

 Wholesale Price: 2950/- MOQ 5P 

 Retail Price 3500/- 

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