Ronnie Coleman Signature Series King Mass (15 lbs), 6.75 Kg


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Ronnie Coleman King Mass 15 Lb Vanilla Ice cream Provides Optimum Protein
Source Optimum For Muscle Growth.It Aids To Enhance Your Muscle Mass And
Tone And Decreases The Risk Of Injury Caused During Your Heavy Post-Workout Sessions.This Dietary Supplement Aids To Provide The Right And Healthy Calories Vital To Build Your Muscle Physique.It Helps To Provide A Massive 60G Of Protein Per Serve To Help Keep Your Muscles Fed And In An Anabolic State

Features & details

15 LBS , Dark Chocolate

182 Gram carb matrix, 60 grams protein, 1030 calories, 44 king sized scoops, delicious milkshake taste, creatine & glutamine enhanced

Mass: In order for your muscles to grow you need to supply them with enough protein to get the job done

King Mass XL packs a massive 60g of protein per serving to help keep your muscles fed and in an anabolic state

Drinkability: Getting all of the quality calories you need in one shake without being able to slug it down just doesn't cut it

Our Price  7900/-

Offer Price 7750/-

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