RSP L-Carnitine 120 Capsules


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L-CARNITINE is an amino acid that has been shown to help facilitate the transfer of fatty acids into the mitochondria of cells for energy production. Not only does this naturally occurring amino acid help promote muscle growth, fat loss and energy, but it has also been shown to reduce muscle fatigue.

NATURAL, HEALTHY WEIGHT MANAGEMENT SUPPLEMENT - L-Carnitine is a natural amino acid that has been shown to help facilitate the transfer of fatty acids in order to increase energy production, stimulate weight management, and reduce muscle fatigue.Δ

PROVEN STIMULANT FREE WEIGHT MANAGEMENT - L-Carnitine plays an essential role in converting fat into a usable energy source and has been shown in numerous studies to support fat loss and aid in muscle preservation during training, making it a powerful, stimulant free supplement for men and women.Δ

METABOLISM BOOSTER - By helping convert fat to usable energy and enabling the body to use that energy as fuel, RSP Nutrition L-Carnitine becomes a potent supplement that helps boost metabolism, enhance athletic performance, and reduce fatigue with no jitters, and no stimulants.Δ

SAFE & COMPREHENSIVE FORMULA - Every RSP Nutrition L-Carnitine capsule contains 500mg of 100% pharmaceutical grade L-Carnitine, formulated for maximum potency and efficacy, ensuring comprehensive weight management support, making it a safe alternative to stimulant based products.Δ

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