Universe Biotech Tribulus 1000mg 90 Tablets


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UNIVERSE BIOTECH’S Tribulus Tablets - EXTRACT 1000 MG TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS - maintain muscle size and strength: This herbal Tribulus terrestris by Healthy Supplements may provide numerous health benefits such as weight gain, increase in levels of testosterone. This natural tribulus supplement may show its benefit in increasing stamina, maintaining muscle size and strength, improve fertility, support mood and boost libido, increase physical strength and boost energy levels.

LIBIDO BOOSTER: Tribulus by Healthy Supplements may be beneficial in supporting libido. This herbal tribulus terrestris supplement may boost sexual activity by improving testosterone levels, maintaining muscle tone, stamina and strength. This herbal tribulus terrestris extract may be useful in increasing testosterone, supporting fertility and increasing libido.

SUPPORT THE ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: Our herbal tribulus terrestris may be useful for boosting the athletic performance, via increasing nitric oxide levels in the body. Our herbal tribulus extract may show its properties as a pre-workout supplement. Our natural tribulus terrestris powder may increase testosterone and lean mass and support muscle size and strength.

FOR BODY WEIGHT: Our natural tribulus terrestris powder may contribute to weight loss and weight gain. This herbal tribulus extract may show its beneficial properties in improving fertility, reducing body fat and body weight. By burning fat this herbal tribulus terrestris powder may promote exercise performance, help lose weight, build muscle, as well as increase testosterone.

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