Mysha Nutrition Black Python Fat Burner 60 Capsules


Product code 8454549000001

✅  Thermogenic & Ketogenic Fat Cutter

✅  Reduce Appetite, Improves Metabolism

✅  Block the Absorption of  Carbohydrates

✅  Increase Workout Stamina, Focus & Alertness

✅  Increase Energy

✅  Convert Extra Fat into Energy

✅  No Side Effect


Black Python is scientifically formulated fully loaded fat loss weapon. Black Python is a signature product of Mysha Nutrition use to melt extra deposited fat.

Black Python is made up of

✅  Green Tea Extract

✅ Green Coffee Extract

✅  Gymnema Extract

✅  Caffeine Anhydrous

✅  Ephedra Extract

✅  L-Carnitine


Our Price 1850/-

Offer Price 150


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