Muscle Blaze Fish Oil 90 Capsules

MuscleBlaze is India’s leading sports nutrition brand. It was founded in 2012 as a sports nutrition brand with a commitment to delivering high-quality health supplements. It enjoys the reputation of being an industry-first concept

introducer. Its high-quality product manufacturing has helped MuscleBlaze fish oil 60 capsules bag the Labdoor- USA certification for purity and accuracy.

Benefits of MuscleBlaze Fish Oil (1000 mg) 60 capsules

Here’s how MuscleBlaze Fish Oil (1000 mg) 60 capsules help the body:

Highest-Quality Nutrition – MuscleBlaze Fish Oil (1000 mg) is extracted from anchovy fish, the best source of fish oil. Every serving of MuscleBlaze Fish Oil (1000 mg) thus ensures premium fish oil nutrition.

Authentic Product – To ensure authenticity, each MuscleBlaze Fish Oil (1000 mg) 60 capsule packaging supports a unique product code which can be extracted only after the removal of the seal.

Without Heavy Metals – Use of sub-standard fish oil is linked to an increased risk of toxicity. The product goes through a unique manufacturing process that removes heavy metals like mercury, arsenic, and lead.

Tested and Certified Product - MuscleBlaze Fish Oil (1000 mg) is certified for accuracy and purity. The product is rated on five parameters - nutritional value, label accuracy, product purity, projected efficacy, and ingredient safety.

Best Nutrition - Each capsule serving of MuscleBlaze Fish Oil (1000 mg) delivers 180 mg of EPA and 120 mg of DHA. This ensures the best omega-3 nutrition for scaling up fitness results.

All-round Health Benefits – Fish oil is important for both the body and brain. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce oxidative damage and improve heart health. DHA is crucial for brain functioning. Fish oil improves joint flexibility. EPA and DHA work in tandem to aid post-workout recovery and support muscle development.

No Fishy Taste – MuscleBlaze Fish Oil (1000 mg) is processed using the molecular distillation process. This unique encapsulating process ensures quick packaging of fish oil, reducing oxidation time. This eliminates the fishy taste which is sought as a disturbing side effect.

When To Consume

1 capsule, 2-3 times a day, or as recommended by a doctor. To be consumed with water, preferably with meals.

Nutrition Facts

Each pack of MuscleBlaze Fish Oil (1000 mg) 60 capsules contains 60 soft gel fish oil capsules.

Every 1 capsule (1.35 g) serving delivers:

Energy – 10.3 kcal

Carbohydrate – 0.22 g

Protein – 0.05 g

Fat – 1 g

Fish oil - 1000 mg

Omega 3 fatty acids – 320 mg

EPA - 180 mg

DHA – 120 mg


MuscleBlaze Fish Oil (1000 mg) comprises of:

Fish oil

Gelatin Food Grade

Purified water

Preservative (INS 218)

Humectants (INS 422 and INS 420(ii))

Artificial (Ethyl Vanillin) flavouring substance

Precautions To Take When Consuming

MuscleBlaze Fish Oil (1000 mg) is crafted as a daily-use supplement and is generally well-tolerated. But there are a few precautions to keep in mind. These are:

The daily dose must not exceed the recommended daily usage. Not recommended for use in children.  

Pregnant women, lactating mothers, and people with medical conditions use the product only under medical advice.

To be used as a nutrition supplement and not a medicinal substitute.

To increase the shelf life and improve efficacy, the product must be stored at a cool, dry and dark place with temperatures not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius.

 Retail Price 650/- 

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