Psycho Muscles Anabolic Whey 2kg 66 Servings


PSYCHO MUSCLES present ANABOLIC WHEY, the most premium protein for fitnessenthusiasts and bodybuilding champions, who would settle for noting, but the best. Whey Protein Concentrate, the purest from of Whey ts the only source of protein in PSYCHO MUSCLES ANABOLIC WHEY. Without a doubt,

PSYCHO MUSCLES ANABOLIC WHEY sets a higher benchmark of quality for other whey proteins. PSYCHO MUSCLES ANABOLIC WHEY PROTEIN AS PURE AS GOLD Gold Standard With 25g Whey Protein Isolate in a 30g serving, PSYCHO MUSCLES ANABOLIC WHEY delivers only the purest andthe most premium protein 1.65gof carbs and 0.469 of fat in each serving reinforces the purity of the protein. This ensures superior muscle recovery and maximizes musclegain inthe fitness enthusiasts and the professional athletes. BCAAS AND EAAS WITH NO AMINO SPIKING 5.519 BCAAs and 11.75g EAAs is a serving of PSYCHO MUSCLES ANABOLIC WHEY support anabolism and lean muscle gain. The completerange of amino acids in PSYCHO MUSCLES ANABOLIC WHEY speedsup muscle recovery and improves fatigue threshold andendurance inthe fitness champions. DIGESTIVE ENZYMES YCHO MUSCLES ANABOLIC WHEY its fortified with DigeZyme, aww mult enzyme blend consisting of protease amylase, lactase, cellulaseand up Suve enzymes Improves the speed ofdigestion, absorption and increased protein requirement of thefitness enthusiasts. blend of digestive enzymes Impro , lactase, cellulaseand lipase. The INTERNATIONAL QUALITY STANDARDS PSYCHO MUSCLES ANABOLIC WHE topnotch companies across the glob national grade raw material. Additionally, with reg place for the manufacturing process deliver our best product to the customer. ANABOLIC WHEY has imported ingredients from the ss the globe, which guarantees the presence of nally, with regorous quality checks In ting process,

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