Insane Labz, ACS, L- Carnitine, 750mg, 90 Capsules


Developing lean muscle mass is on the top of the list for every gym-goer. L-Carnitine carries fatty acids from food to the mitochondria; those acids are then converted into energy. This process is essential for building your metabolism and allowing your body to build lean muscle during workouts. This non-stimulant

amino acid can be added to your favorite Insane Labz pre-workout or in the mornings with breakfast, or taken at any time of day! The recommended dose of L-Carnitine is 2-4g daily, split into two or three even doses. When supplementing L-Carnitine intake, consider all dietary and supplemental sources.

About this item

Supports Metabolism

Promotes Recovery

Promotes Energy and Mental Clarity

 Retail Price 1350/- 

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