Muscle Blaze Mass Gainer XXL, 1 kg


MuscleBlaze mass gainer xxl chocolate is a perfect choice for bodybuilders and athletes with ambitious goals. The carbs to protein ratio are 3:1. Made with a

unique blend of 5 protein sources it enhances muscle size and recovery. It is a blend of fast and slow carbohydrates that provides 1383 calories with 3 servings of the mass gainer powder to fuel muscle building. Each serving of the mass gainer provides 20 g of protein and 70 g of carbohydrates. It contains maltodextrin, the bulking agent that will help muscle gain and get the results you are looking for.

Product Features

MB xxl mass gainer 1 kg chocolate is made of fast, medium, and slow-acting proteins that help in fast muscle building and repairing.

It has a blend of 5 protein sources which help in enhancing muscle size and recovery.

The supplement is rich in protein. It contains whey concentrate, whey isolate, and casein which provide a sustained release of amino acids to the muscles.

It also has other essential vitamins and minerals that help in improving stamina, muscle growth and athletic performance.

The supplement has an anticaking agent which prevents the formation of lumps. The MuscleBlaze bulk gainer 1 kg chocolate is easy to mix and you can make a smooth and uniform blend within seconds.

With a perfect blend of fast and slow-metabolising carbs, it provides a sustained supply of calories in the body for the energy required for muscle growth and recovery.

 Retail Price 1000/- 

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