Enhanced Athlete Slin - Carb Blocker, Insulin Mimetic and Nutrient Practitioner to Support Muscle Strength - Promotes Turning Carbohydrates into Muscle - 120 Capsules


Product code 8585200001

SUPPORTS WEIGHT LOSS - Our product is designed to help partition carbohydrate absorption in the bodybut for best results, combine Enhanced
Athlete's Slin with a calorie-controlled diet and exercise program
MAXIMIZE CARB UTILIZATION - Maintain insulin sensitivity while on a high carbohydrate diet to act as a great catalyst for increasing muscle.
OPTIMIZE CALORIC INTAKE - Our formula can be used for pre & post workout for nutrient shuttling. This can lead to turning your crabs into enhancing muscle and recovery
HIGHEST QUALITY of INGREDIENTS - We have created a blend of ingredients that will assist in getting the most out of your carbs and get the results you deserve. A few of the more popular ingredients are Berberine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Fenugreek
100% Money back guarantee if you are unhappy with your Enhanced Athlete purchase for any reason, no questions asked!

Our Price 3950/-

Offer Price 3500/- 


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