Enhanced Athlete Shred XT - Performance Diuretic Supplement - Water Pills to Reduce Water Retention - Natural Relief from Bloating and Swelling - 60 Capsules


Product code 7532110001

PERFORMANCE-BASED DIURETIC - Shred-XT is an diuretic(water pill) that helps to increase the amount of water and salt expeled from the body through urination

WATER LOSS - Through our unique combination of compounds including Green Tea, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Uva ursi allows water to potentially exit the body quickly

ENHANCED MUSCLE DEFINITION - Through the shedding of water, your muscles will become more enhanced due to the diuretic effect of releasing stored water. That is why many of our athletes use this product during the summer months and before body building shows to Shred-XT the excess weight that they need to shed quickly

REDUCE BLOAT - Shred-XT helps support a reduction in bloating by being fueled with key ingredients like Potassium, Chromium, and Sodium Chloride

Our Price 3250/-

Offer Price 2500/- 


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