Enhanced Athlete Yohimbine - Weight Loss Support and Improved Athletic Performance - 5mg x 120 Capsules


Product code 3248200001

HIGH QUALITY and POTENCY - Enhanced Athlete's Yohimbine HCL supplement
has one of the highest concentrations of Yohimbine with 5mg per capsule

SUPPORTS WEIGHT LOSS - Enhanced Athlete's has one of the most potent dosages of yohimbine available that combined with a calorie-controlled diet and exercise program can potentially lead to weight loss results.

AIM FOR HIGH FITNESS GOALS - Enhanced Athlete's products are made and created by Athletes for Athletes. Every Product we created has been used by our athletes to achieve their highest fitness goals

MADE IN THE USA - We pride ourselves on manufacturing our products invthe USA to create the highest quality supplement for our customers

Our Price 3950/-

Offer Price 3500/- 


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